Very Detailed Description- Rivet is a female wolf with ragged, untidy, jet-black fur, a long, swishing tail, piercing, deep, blood-red eyes with slit pupils, and yellow claws.


Rivet is a Delta of the Hishima Pack.

Book AppearancesEdit

Rivet is first shown when Angel is introducing Robin to the pack wolves. Rivet is described by Robin to be quite unwelcoming. Rivet growls and mutters that a wolf who was Abandoned should not come back. 

Days later, Robin is accepted by Rhun and Orla as a Gamma. Rivet snarls deeply, and Robin glares at her. Rivet leaps at him and easily pins him. Angel races over and tells the two to stop immediately, but Rivet whacks her away, saying that Angel is only a South Wolf and that she is "on her way to become Female Beta".

Rivet is mentioned by Angel when Angel apologizes to Robin.