Very Detailed Description- Rick is a male wolf with mangled, ragged, dark gray fur that has a few small hairless patches, piercing, flaming, angry, orange eyes, broad, large shoulders, strong muscles, and a long tail with no fur on the upper half.


Lone Wolf; Past- A Delta  of the Hishima Pack

Book AppearancesEdit

"The Abandoned"

In the Prologue, Rick is shown standing next to his mate, Grace, with his son, Robin, being carried by Grace. The Male North Wolf, Ruhn, stands beside Orla, the Female North Wolf. They tell Rick and Grace that they must abandon Robin at the border, for he has no tail and the pack abandons deformed pups at their birth. Rick argues, telling Ruhn that Robin is perfectly healthy and is not weak. He also mentions that Grace has no tail either, as she is an Australian Shepherd. Ruhn hesitates before telling Rick that Grace was born with it naturally, as her breed has no tail, so even as a mindless newborn she is used to it, but Robin has wolf in him, so he won't be.

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