Pack Wolves

Pack Wolves are wolves that live in a pack. They live, work, and hunt together. They depend on each other and are loyal to each other, and they all look up to the North Wolves , the top male and female. 

The Council

The Council is a group of both the wolves from both the Hishima pack and the Mikono pack. The Council is made up of both North Wolves and both Beta wolves from both packs. When an issue occurs, the Council meets at the Stone Pathway, which is a natural stone boulder that lies across the river. It acts as a bridge for the wolves. To call a Council Meeting, both North Wolves and both Betas from the pack with an issue head to the Stone Pathway, and all four howl to summon the Council members from other packs.


The Hishima pack and the Mikono pack are allies and battle does not occur between them. The live separately and deal with problems seperately, unless the issue is a problem for both packs. When one pack cannot hold off an enemy, that pack will call the other in to help and they fight side by side. The Hishima pack is very proud and rarely calls the Mikono pack over to help them.

All Known Pack Wolves of Any Pack