North Wolves are the leaders of the pack. One is a male and one is a female, and the two are always mates.


The North Wolves hunt, fight, lead the pack, and are also members of the Council. They give orders to the Betas, their second in command, and the Betas tell them to the pack.

Upon DeathEdit

When a North Wolf dies, the Beta with the same gender as the dead North Wolf will take it's place and is forced to mate the other North Wolf. The Beta that steps up loses it's Beta position, so a Delta of that same gender will replace the Beta, and it is forced to mate the remaining Beta.


  • The author based the "North Wolves" off of Alphas in real-life wolf packs in the wild.
  • Besides the "South Wolf", "North Wolves" are the only pack rank in The Abandoned that aren't pack ranks in real-life wolf packs in the wild.